Fun in the Sun (and Clouds) at the Hawai’i Big Island

By on August 29, 2019

To culminate my summer before going to work, I was able to visit the beautiful Big Island of Hawai’i. The air was thick with humidity at 80 degrees, even rain would not spare our time there, but I loved every second of it. We were able to explore all over the Big Island, since we did not travel to any of the other islands. 

Besides playing golf at some beautiful golf courses and snorkeling at the beach, this is what I did!

The Black Sand Beach 

This is not only a beach with amazing views, but there is also some nice exercise that you get trying to hike to it. Don’t worry, the hike takes about 20 minutes, but it can be a little slippery so watch out. While the beach is pretty, it is not the kind that you would go swimming in. The current is too rough to do more than just putting your feet in. 

Mountain Thunder Coffee

A drive through the clouds into the rainforest of the Big Island brings you to Mountain Thunder Coffee. The free tour is where knowledgeable staff shows you all the machinery it takes to make the coffee after they have gathered the beans. There is even an option to take a tour of the coffee plantation for an extra fee.  Free samples of coffee are available and they have a cute gift shop that ranges from coffee beans to coffee infused lotions. 

Volcano National Park 

Even though there is no active flows at the moment (which they have posted everywhere at the park), the Volcano National Park is one of the most interesting National Parks that I have been to. Though many trails are closed due to the recent eruption, there are still plenty of old lava flows and other natural/human occurrences to see by hiking or scenic drive. You can walk to see the new lava flows as well at the end of the scenic drive. 

Kohala Zipline

I am scared of heights and I really had to push myself to do this. After the first two lines, I was fine and having so much fun. It is incredibly safe and they make you certainly feel that way. The scenery is beautiful. So much green!!! This is a great time if you go with friends.

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Skin Care

BioClarity – I Try Before You Buy

By on August 21, 2019

When it comes to skin care, I usually just slap some stuff on my face and call it a day. I have been thinking about developing a skincare routine for a while, but I was not quite sure where to start. Influenster seems to have answered my thoughts and they sent me a bioClarity skin care routine to try out!

bioClarity is a cruelty-free and vegan skin care company that focuses on being “green”. In their products, they use chlorophyll (from plants) and take out the magnesium and replace it with copper (which has healing properties).


  • Reducing redness
  • Supple face
  • Fight acne
  • More clear skin in (as little as) two weeks

What They Sent

Clear Skin Routine $34.95  

Three bottles: cleanse, treat, and restore.


The back of the restore bottle says to use twice a day. For continuity, I will use all three bottles twice a day for two weeks to see if it makes a difference.  



As you can tell I have some acne, but it does not tend to be on the front part of my face. I had two zits on the left side of my neck, and one on the right side. I also have always had acne on the sides of where my baby hairs are.

After a week, the neck zits were much less noticeable, which was amazing! They were no longer raised. The neck zits did seem to scar (but they have been there for a while, so probably due to my own mistreatment of them). What I like the most about this product is that redness all over the face did go down. I liked having a three-step treatment and will probably use some of BioClairty’s other products in the future.

What do you like to use for your skincare treatment? Let me know in the comments below!

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GIMME Beauty Hair Ties – I Try Before You Buy

By on August 7, 2019

I am a sucker for a good Instagram ad, but I also love finding a good product that actually does what it is supposed to do. Today I am going to review GIMME Beauty’s GIMME Bands. I purchased the starter kit, but I will mainly focus on their headline product: the GIMME Bands.  

What I purchased:

GIMME Bands – Starter Kit: $12 on their website usually $20 GIMME Bands themselves cost $12 for a pack of 6.


Strongest Hold – all day long

Retains elasticity for 6 months+ with daily use

No Slipping

No Snagging – Easy to remove

Secure yet gentle

Won’t Stretch Out

The Crease Test:

Now I do not expect a lot out of most hair ties because when your hair is held a certain way for hours, it’s going to want to stay that way when you take it out.

Even though my hair does look gross because I was working out when testing the product, I was surprised at the results. The crease was a little less noticeable with the GIMME Bands, than just a standard hair tie. It also kept my hair voluminous.

I agree with the claims that it does not slip or snag. I am the queen of having a hair tie halfway down on my hair. So, it is nice to have something actually secure. These hair ties are easy to remove and do not snag my hair.

Most importantly, GIMME Bands do not hurt my head even with a tight high up ponytail!

I gave the band to one of my friends who has extremely thin hair. She wore it to bed and has a positive review for it as well.

I used to be a huge fan of the ribbon hair ties that were included in the starter kit, but new ribbon ties are not my favorite. They have to get to a certain level of stretch before I get comfortable. The scrunchie is such a pretty color and a nice texture. It has the same results as the regular bands.  

I will not be going back to normal hair ties anytime soon that is for sure. I would call this a Clickbait yes approved product!

What is your favorite hair tie? Let me know in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinions of anyone or anything else.  

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