Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water – We Try Before You Buy

September 4, 2019

The following is a transcribed taste test of three Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water flavors between Wildcats 1290’s Robby Leaño and T Statman. 

T:It’s not white girl Wednesday, but we are still going to go hard with the seltzers. We are going to start with Melon Basil.

Robby:It sounds interesting. 

T:*Starts reading the description on the back of the can* … this is 100 calories … clean, pristine, and untamed but like our Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water. 

Robby:Alright. Let’s try it… Interesting. 

T:I don’t know what it tastes like. 

Robby:A bit of an earthy taste. 

T:It kind of tastes like dirt, but a good kind of dirt. Like the chocolate dirt cups that you would eat for dessert. It’s definitely something that I would drink. You definitely taste the basil in it. 

Robby:Oh yeah absolutely. Not bad though!

T:Drink two, this one looks fun. Lemon Agave Hibiscus

Robby:I already imagine, that this has the underlying tones of a margarita of course without the tequila. These are the things you would have in a margarita like hibiscus, agave. Well agave is the most important part.  

T:It’s very light and airy. This is what you’re drinking by the pool. If you’re in college, this is what you’re drinking poolside. This doesn’t taste like alcohol. 

Robby:A lot of these don’t really. That’s the thing about hard seltzer. This is something you would lounge around with. 

T:Classic Limetime… it doesn’t really taste like anything. 

Robby:  I get a little bit of lime taste. 

T:Yes, but I need to taste it again. It has a light smell which is different then the Melon Basil which has a distinct smell. 

Robby:Do I like this one? Yeah, I like this one. I’m a fan of lime flavored things. 

T:This is the drink of the future. It’s gluten free.

Robby:It’s light in calories, refreshing in ways. 

T:No sugar. 

Robby:Something like this is light and refreshing. Perfect when it is so hot outside in Arizona. 

T:It’s great because it doesn’t taste boozy. Like you’re putting shots of alcohol in my drink. 

Robby:Go for this if you want something that is lighter than beer, but not as sweet as a wine cooler. 

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