Life Update: New Things Coming Soon

By on September 17, 2019

I have been about three weeks into my job at the radio station and I am loving it! The real world is so much different than college life and it is much appreciated. I truly do make my own schedule since the show is in the afternoon!

However, that’s not the exciting news. My fellow board operators and I are going to start a new podcast! We don’t quite have a name for it yet, but it’s going to be discussing the oddities that happens in sports!

I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Stay tuned!



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Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water – We Try Before You Buy

By on September 4, 2019

The following is a transcribed taste test of three Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water flavors between Wildcats 1290’s Robby Leaño and T Statman. 

T:It’s not white girl Wednesday, but we are still going to go hard with the seltzers. We are going to start with Melon Basil.

Robby:It sounds interesting. 

T:*Starts reading the description on the back of the can* … this is 100 calories … clean, pristine, and untamed but like our Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water. 

Robby:Alright. Let’s try it… Interesting. 

T:I don’t know what it tastes like. 

Robby:A bit of an earthy taste. 

T:It kind of tastes like dirt, but a good kind of dirt. Like the chocolate dirt cups that you would eat for dessert. It’s definitely something that I would drink. You definitely taste the basil in it. 

Robby:Oh yeah absolutely. Not bad though!

T:Drink two, this one looks fun. Lemon Agave Hibiscus

Robby:I already imagine, that this has the underlying tones of a margarita of course without the tequila. These are the things you would have in a margarita like hibiscus, agave. Well agave is the most important part.  

T:It’s very light and airy. This is what you’re drinking by the pool. If you’re in college, this is what you’re drinking poolside. This doesn’t taste like alcohol. 

Robby:A lot of these don’t really. That’s the thing about hard seltzer. This is something you would lounge around with. 

T:Classic Limetime… it doesn’t really taste like anything. 

Robby:  I get a little bit of lime taste. 

T:Yes, but I need to taste it again. It has a light smell which is different then the Melon Basil which has a distinct smell. 

Robby:Do I like this one? Yeah, I like this one. I’m a fan of lime flavored things. 

T:This is the drink of the future. It’s gluten free.

Robby:It’s light in calories, refreshing in ways. 

T:No sugar. 

Robby:Something like this is light and refreshing. Perfect when it is so hot outside in Arizona. 

T:It’s great because it doesn’t taste boozy. Like you’re putting shots of alcohol in my drink. 

Robby:Go for this if you want something that is lighter than beer, but not as sweet as a wine cooler. 

You can hear lots of beer talk with Kevin and Mike’s Beer of The Week on Wildcats Radio 1290AM. 

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Fun in the Sun (and Clouds) at the Hawai’i Big Island

By on August 29, 2019

To culminate my summer before going to work, I was able to visit the beautiful Big Island of Hawai’i. The air was thick with humidity at 80 degrees, even rain would not spare our time there, but I loved every second of it. We were able to explore all over the Big Island, since we did not travel to any of the other islands. 

Besides playing golf at some beautiful golf courses and snorkeling at the beach, this is what I did!

The Black Sand Beach 

This is not only a beach with amazing views, but there is also some nice exercise that you get trying to hike to it. Don’t worry, the hike takes about 20 minutes, but it can be a little slippery so watch out. While the beach is pretty, it is not the kind that you would go swimming in. The current is too rough to do more than just putting your feet in. 

Mountain Thunder Coffee

A drive through the clouds into the rainforest of the Big Island brings you to Mountain Thunder Coffee. The free tour is where knowledgeable staff shows you all the machinery it takes to make the coffee after they have gathered the beans. There is even an option to take a tour of the coffee plantation for an extra fee.  Free samples of coffee are available and they have a cute gift shop that ranges from coffee beans to coffee infused lotions. 

Volcano National Park 

Even though there is no active flows at the moment (which they have posted everywhere at the park), the Volcano National Park is one of the most interesting National Parks that I have been to. Though many trails are closed due to the recent eruption, there are still plenty of old lava flows and other natural/human occurrences to see by hiking or scenic drive. You can walk to see the new lava flows as well at the end of the scenic drive. 

Kohala Zipline

I am scared of heights and I really had to push myself to do this. After the first two lines, I was fine and having so much fun. It is incredibly safe and they make you certainly feel that way. The scenery is beautiful. So much green!!! This is a great time if you go with friends.

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InnerPro Sports App Review

By on July 31, 2019

Conveniently, on my way to Israel to play softball, I was given the chance to test out an app called InnerPro Sports. It is a player development program that focuses more than just physical ability. 

This app provides tailored workouts for positions, nutrition, mental game training, and personal self-reflection. 

I tested out the app while I was playing in Europe this summer. Typically, the program runs for $34.95 a month and has a free 14 day trial. 

These are the results: 


This app provides legitimate training workouts are extremely tailored. Not only to which position you play, but takes into account soreness, if you have recently played or have a game coming up, and what kind of equipment is accessible to the user. 

I really like how customized the workouts are, especially if you do not have access to equipment. There is always a video of someone showing how to do the exercises. It reminds me of a workout DVD which is fantastic.

There has certainly been a lot of thought and research put into these workouts. 

The workouts were great because of how specific they are, but the only downfall is that when it comes to dumbbells it does not tell you how heavy to lift. At UofA, we used a program called BridgeTracker which automatically put how much to lift (with adjustments if necessary) and it would track all of the weight over the years.   

Mental Game:

I personally believe that the mental game is so important. Just because someone has the skill, does not mean that they have what it takes between the ears. It will make or break you. 

Personal Evaluation Training: 

L1: Understanding where you are now and where you want to go.

L2: Creating the best version of yourself. 

L3: Performance. Gaining consistent access to your skills. 

The video quality is excellent. The graphics are wonderful and the speaker, Eric is great. I watched all of the videos and I have learned a lot. I am on my way out as a competitive athlete, but all of this information can be applied to the real world. 


The app provides a good breakdown about what you should be putting in your body to hit your target to lean, maintain, or gain weight. It also makes it easy to understand macros and how much you should be consuming (which has always been confusing to me). 

The only downfall is that you would have to write down elsewhere (either by hand or another app) what foods you are consuming and how it fits in with your goals. 

Create Your Game (Morning and Evening Routine): 

Every day, this is where the user would look to where their destination is. They can put photos of what success looks like and read/expand upon what their own personal “Athlete Belief System” is.  In the morning, the user writes down what their targets of the day are and, in the evening, they can grade their progress. 

This is really good for people who really want to envision success the same way every day or for those who need reminders of why they do what they do. 

It creates a routine for an athlete, so they are not just going through their day without purpose. 

Generate State: 

I love this part of the app. This is where you can compile all the good things you have done and have it in one place. There is certainly something to be said about seeing all of your highlights and how it makes you feel. It is all about mindset and seeing yourself play your sport well makes it reality. If you can do it once, you can do it again.


For the holistic view of an athlete, I find this program fantastic for all athletes regardless of level.

Two Key Points:

  • The Personal Evaluation Training is by far going to be extremely useful for high school/college aged athletes. It should be assigned by coaches as homework and discussed. 
    • As I enter into the real world, I can take what I learned and tailor it to the job sector. 
  • The training workout will be best for young athletes, athletes who are on break from school who want a variation in their training, and older athletes past college who may not have access to trainers. 

For me, the price point ($34.95 per month for an individual) is worth it if you don’t have access to trainers or the app is used consistently for physical and mental training regiments. 

If you want to check out more see www.innerpro.com to sign up for your free 14-day trial. InnerPro also has team packages available where the coaches can view how their athletes are training anytime, anywhere. This pricing comes directly from the company www.innerpro.com/affilates.

*Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinions of anyone or anything else.

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Nike Internship Experience

By on June 12, 2019

In the summer of 2018, I traveled to Beaverton, Oregon to intern at the Nike Headquarters for ten weeks. It was an incredible experience. If you are seriously considering working in the retail corporate structure, I recommend that you apply for this internship. You will really get the feel if you want to pursue a similar job post college.  

This video explains how the process was to get the job and some tips and tricks for working there.

Have you worked any cool internships? Let me know in the comments below!!

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Marking of a New Era

By on April 10, 2019

Hi everyone! My name is T and I am a senior at the University of Arizona. Actually, I will not be a senior for much longer since there is only about five more weeks of class left. Then I will be graduated and off to the real world. I have some things to keep me preoccupied for now, like college softball, but it will soon it will come to an end.

Just like many girls, I have struggled with not knowing a lot about makeup or style in general. Actually, my boyfriend has better taste in clothing than I do. Yet, I have always been interested in the topic of beauty, but I have no idea where to start. 

This blog marks the start of a new era.

You the reader, will come along with me on the journey to figure out what beauty and fashion is all about. With not only me, but also you being honest, about everything from product reviews to what I’m wearing.  I will be trying out lots of products and if I’m using something totally wrong, please tell me!

I know the best thing I can wear is confidence and a smile on my face, but who says that a little make-up or a nice outfit can’t hurt either?

With the right attitude, that double duty can do some wonders. I just know it.  

Put in the comments below what type of products you think I should try out first!


T 🙂

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