BÜ Sunscreen Review

Since my trip to Hawaii, I have seen an increase in sunscreens that are not only cruelty-free, but also environmentally friendly. I came across this sunscreen and apparel after my dad went to a trade show and brought it back to me. 

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been covered in sunscreen. It was a staple of my routine. Every day, before school, my dad would have me and my sister stand on the carpeting of the stairs so he could spray us with sunscreen. We would always puff up our cheeks so we did not breathe in the sunscreen. When I put on sunscreen today, I still do that with my cheeks and my friends will notice and laugh. It is just a movement I am used to and will continue to do because of habit for the rest of my life!

BÜ sunscreen comes in travel size bottles. However, you cannot let that fool you since each bottle has up to 500 sprays. I like to keep the bottle in my bag or purse for easy access. It is almost like a “set it and forget it” type deal since I will leave it in my bag until the sprays run out.

Sunscreen does have an expiration date. Do not take those expiration dates lightly, I consider them a hard deadline. The size of the sunscreen is perfect because it is a reasonable amount that you should be able to use in that designated time frame; even if you forget to use it for a few weeks (or months *gasp*).

With the original smell test that I had with BÜ. It reminded me of the scent of my childhood sunscreen, Kinesys. It turned out, one of the creators of Kinesys is apart of the BÜ team and sold that company in 2014. The formula and feeling is quite similar and I am glad BÜ has had an added focus on being environmentally friendly.

The fragrance options are fragrance-free, Natural Citrus, and Natural White Sage Scent varying between 30 and 50 SPF. It is simple, but it works. I do have to say that nothing compares to the Kinesys cupcake scent, but that must have been discontinued years ago. However, as an adult, I do think that the current scents that BÜ has are much more appropriate.

Along with sunscreen, BÜ has UPF 50+ long sleeves. These are great, not only to at the beach or pool as a coverup, but to also wear in the water as well. I have worn long sleeves my whole life and it is important to be able to stay safe from the sun while outside.

The formula, smell, and feeling that BÜ sunscreen has, reminded me so much of my childhood and the importance of skin safety. Protecting your skin is essential, especially in the Arizona sun. Skin Cancer can be preventable, especially when one can limit sun exposure or how one is exposed to the sun.

You can find out more about BÜ at http://www.busunscreen.com

*I did receive these products complimentary, but these opinions are completely my own. As Miss Tucson Del Sol 2020, my platform of Skin Cancer Prevention. I encourage everyone to please put on sunscreen and cover up.


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