Hi everyone! My name is T and I am a senior at the University of Arizona. Actually, I will not be a senior for much longer since there is only about five more weeks of class left. Then I will be graduated and off to the real world. I have some things to keep me preoccupied for now, like college softball, but it will soon it will come to an end.

Just like many girls, I have struggled with not knowing a lot about makeup or style in general. Actually, my boyfriend has better taste in clothing than I do. Yet, I have always been interested in the topic of beauty, but I have no idea where to start. 

This blog marks the start of a new era.

You the reader, will come along with me on the journey to figure out what beauty and fashion is all about. With not only me, but also you being honest, about everything from product reviews to what I’m wearing.  I will be trying out lots of products and if I’m using something totally wrong, please tell me!

I know the best thing I can wear is confidence and a smile on my face, but who says that a little make-up or a nice outfit can’t hurt either?

With the right attitude, that double duty can do some wonders. I just know it.  

Put in the comments below what type of products you think I should try out first!


T 🙂

About Author

Student at the University of Arizona where she is studying political science with a minor in sports management and communication.

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